Selena Gomez Talks Fashion With ‘Teen Vogue!’

Selena Gomez recently attended the Adidas NEO Label party where she sat down and chatted with Teen Vogue about fashion! Selena says she’s not afraid to make fashion mistakes. We think Selena’s great attitude and confidence are fantastic!

Check out Selena’s interview with Teen Vogue below. Which of Selena’s famous fashions are your favorites?

What’s your favorite piece from your collection?
“The black jumpsuit I’m wearing is definitely one of them. I was just talking about going to dinner after this, and all I have to do is throw on a black heel and a leather jacket. It’s so comfortable, and I can dance in it—like, literally do dance rehearsals. I also love the camo jacket. It’s super comfortable and legitimately warm. The worst is when you buy a jacket that’s super cute but doesn’t fend off the cold at all—it serves no purpose!”

Do you feel like your style has evolved over the years? What’s it like looking back at photos of yourself?
“When I look back at my style, it’s almost like looking at a yearbook. You know how you look back at pictures from when you were in high school, and you’re like ‘Why on earth did I wear that?’ Well, that happens to me, but I’m looking at a picture from, like, last week. Sometimes I get it so right, but other times not. But you know what, that’s the fun part of fashion. I like to try different things, and if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. I’m not afraid of making mistakes.”

If you were going back-to-school shopping tomorrow, what would you buy?
“You have to have some good tights, a boyfriend-fit cardigan or sweater, cute tank tops, scarves—lots of layers! That’s the general vibe I go for. It’s really not worth stressing out about what to wear for the first day of school though…by the end of the week, everyone’s in sweats!”

Do you have a go-to uniform?
“Skinny jeans, a tank top, a scarf, and sneakers. That’s my uniform for anything from the airport to a meeting. You can’t go wrong!”

What kind of sneakers are you into? Are you a high-top, slip-on, or lace-up kind of girl?
“I’m a high-top person! I don’t love chunky shoes, so I made sure the high-tops in this line are super sleek without being too girly. I still wanted them to be cool.”

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