Dalton Rapattoni Lends A Smile To Kids Beating Cancer Program

Dalton Rapattoni by Freeby6

Dalton Rapattoni has been busy touring this summer with his new band Fly Away Hero; a tour that has taken them to the mid-west and will continue onto the west coast in a few weeks. Always willing to lend a helping hand or smile, Dalton took time out from his hectic schedule to pose for some pictures with Bunky The Bear — the trademark for Kids Beating Cancer. Bunky is available free of charge to children in hospitals worldwide: http://kidsbeatingcancer.com/medicalresources/bunkys-pals.html

Styled by Derek Lee (www.leeandlovelace.com), with grooming by Brian Valentine (www.brianvalentinemakeup.com). Fly Away Hero recently recorded their debut album, produced by legendary rock group Blue October, and it’s set to be released this Fall!

Band Bio:
“Fly Away Hero is a band out of Dallas, TX, comprised of Dalton Rapattoni (vocals/guitar), Hunter Lucas (guitar), Hunter Knoche (drums), and Cat (bass). Their sound is based in rock but easily crosses from pop to punk to alternative, and at times even a little southern/outlaw rock.”

“Fly Away Hero has taken a long and twisted road to get where they are today. Founding members, Dalton and Hunter started out as childhood best friends playing classic rock covers. They formed a band and before long had a strong local following. After only 2 EPs with Fly Away Hero, Dalton was offered an opportunity to move to LA as a part of the boyband IM5. After 3 years of touring and performing with the group, Dalton realized that he could no longer ignore his love of screaming guitars and loud drums, and he decided to return to his rock roots and to Texas, where he re-formed the band.”

Photo Credits: Michael Freeby (www.michaelfreebyphotography.com)

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