Listen To Shayna Leigh’s All New EP ‘Hey Shayna Leigh’


Shayna Leigh, is pleased to announce that her highly anticipated second EP, ‘Hey Shayna Leigh’, is now streaming in advance exclusively on! The EP, which will be released on September 9th and is and is now available for pre-order on Amazon, features the talents of noted songwriter Peter Zizzo (Celine Dion, Elizabeth Gillies), Grammy winning producer Michael Mangini Run DMC, Joss Stone, The Corrs), and Steely Dan’s producer, Gary Katz.

According to Shayna, the new project tells the story of facing heartbreak and learning to rise above it. “There is a power that comes from putting yourself out there and standing up for who you are, scary as it is. To me, these songs are all in some way about being brave enough to consistently fight for your dreams.”

You can stream ‘Hey Shayna Leigh’ on ( now and also be sure to pre-order ‘Hey Shayna Leigh’ on here

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