Video Of Teenage Katy Perry That You Have To See!

She is one of the hottest women in the world now, but in 2001 Katy Perry was just like you and me!  In a video released of young Katy talking about wearing a lot of make up because she has a ‘pizza face’ (?) and the not-so-glamorous life of being on the road, fans all over the world now have a chance to get an inside look at Katy at the very early stages of becoming Katy Perry!

Cinematographer, Jim Standridge, says that he was just rifling through old files when he found 90 minutes of “raw footage” that he had completely forgotten about!

The footage also includes some performance time before Katy was kissing any girls, back when she was only 17 and performing as Christian singer Katy Hudson!

Check it out:

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