Miley Cyrus To Help With VMA Date Jesse Helt’s Legal Fees

As we recently reported, Miley Cyrus’ VMA Jesse Helt was discovered to have a warrant out for his arrest for some past small crimes in Oregon. Jesse has stepped up to his responsibilities and turned himself in, but never fear, his new friend Miley is here to help!

It has been reported that Miley will be helping Jesse with his legal fees and once completed the duo plan to continue to help the many homeless youth around LA and the world.

Trevor Neilson, the president of G2 Investment Group and co-founder of Global Philanthropy Group has issued a statement saying, “Jesse Helt turned himself in tonight to Polk County authorities to address his outstanding legal issues. Miley Cyrus will be assisting him with this process, and they both are committed to working to help the other 1.6 million youth who experience homelessness in America each year.”

We think that it’s wonderful that Miley is standing by Jesse’s side as he works through this time to move on with his life. As Jesse’s mom Linda has said, “God gets the glory and she gets the credit.”

We wish Jesse luck as he goes through this process!

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