Happy 21st Birthday To One Direction’s Liam Payne!

Wait, WHAT!? How did this happen? He was 17 yesterday!? No!

This is the hysteria that has taken over the internet during the early hours of today, August 29th, and more importantly Liam Payne’s 21st birthday!

Fans have been busy since yesterday as they got ready to flood twitter with “Happy Birthday, Liam” posts and pictures of his maturing looks from the last four years.

Liam and the rest of the boys of One Direction actually have a concert for their Where We Are tour tonight in Chicago. Last night, Liam’s mum and dad actually flew to Chicago to help there son celebrate this momentous birthday (it’s momentous in the states anyway!).

From all of us here at TI, Happy Birthday Liam! Have a great one and make sure you go buy a drink for yourself!

For the rest of us, lets just take a moment to watch Liam’s X Factor Audition when he was only 16 years old! My how the time flies!

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