Touching Story: Young Fan Kelli Sullivan Gains The Simpson’s Attn & She Needs Your Help — Read Here!!


Fourteen year old Alli Simpson fan Kelli Sullivan has Type 3 Atelosteogenesis and now she has gained Cody Simpson and Alli Simpson’s attention.  Kelli turned into a true Alli Simpson fan from the start and now she has a huge dream which is to meet her idol and inspiration Alli. A little over a year ago she met Cody Simpson at one of his meet and greets but Alli messaged her and said she wasn’t going to be at that meet and greet, but she hopes to meet her soon.

One of Kelli’s goals is to work in the film industry, so she entered in Alli Simpson’s music video contest with the grand prize of being the director of Alli’s next music video. Kelli’s video as well as 291 other videos have been chosen to shown in NYC. She started a fundraiser to gain the money to fly to NYC for the 3 day long event in NYC with not only Alli Simpson but big names in the film industry.

“This is a really big deal for me because I have Atelosteogenesis Type 3, which has limited my ability to walk and do certain things. I am 14 years old and I’ve had 34 surgeries. I want to prove to people that even though I’m in a wheelchair, I can still follow my dreams, and show them the view from my chair.”

Both Cody and Alli Simpson have retweeted the online fundraiser Kelli started and now she needs your help and donations to make her dreams come true. You can donate here,, and be sure to check out the video she made below!


  1. Cassy Sullivan says:

    Kayla, I would love to thank you for writing this article about my sister!

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