Emblem3 BARES IT ALL As They Take The Ice Bucket Challenge In The Buff — Watch It Here!!


Emblem3 has been going on about the Ice Bucket challenge on Twitter for the last couple of hours. When they decided they would do it, it was only if they could get up to one million followers. But that’s not the only thing. By getting one million followers, they’re going to do the challenge in a most crazy way you can imagine…NAKED! To prove it, you can check out the Vine they shared below!

And FINALLY with one million Twitter followers in their corner, they kept true to their word as they did bare it all! Just a short while ago, the guys posted their nomination video, which they nominated Oprah Winfrey, Demi Lovato and 5 Seconds of Summer! Not too long after, a Vine of the Ice Bucket Challenge was shared!

You know you want to see it, so check them out below!!

Please be advised though, as they did do the challenge in the nude (of course covering their naughty parts), the video may not be suitable for all audiences.

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