Mary English Premieres Her New Lullaby Music Video Exclusively On TeenInfoNet — Watch Now!!


Mary English has been working hard in the studio to create her debut EP, out later this fall. Her forthcoming single, “Lullaby” out now followed by a thread of additional singles, the new hit song was recorded and produced by Mark Caldwell. Although young, Mary English is strong when it comes to her music. “When I sing and write, I don’t fear what people think because I am so in tune with the music.” For people who truly love music, it’s always all about the music, and what Mary English has to offer is no exception.

Now it’s finally time to release Mary English’s music video for her hit single “Lullaby.” The video was directed by Bobby Keegan of Afflux Club and produced by Sean Keegan and Elliot James; Elliot James was also the writer of “Lullaby.”  Be the first to check out her new music video exclusively on TeenInfoNet below!!

Photography by: Maysa Askar

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