Ryan Newman & Heifer International Team Up to End World Hunger — Join The Cause!


Actress Ryan Newman of Nick at Nite’s “See Dad Run” recently visited Cambodia on behalf of Heifer International to help Heifer in their mission to end world hunger and poverty.  During her trip, Ryan witnessed Heifer’s Improving Income and Nutrition Through Community Empowerment (INCOME) Project first hand – a project that focuses on leveraging local resources, Passing on the Gift® and engaging the community. We truly appreciate your initial coverage of her trip and wanted to provide you with all the fun details.

Ryan visited Heifer supported communities, engaged with children within the communities and interacted with self-help groups amongst other enlightening activities.  She also documented moments from her journey on her social media pages (links provided below).

Below, please find an introductory video for Ryan’s trip to the field as well as a link to her landing page on Heifer’s website where your readers and fans of Ryan can go to view more videos and details from her trip.  Your readers can also join Ryan and Heifer International to end world hunger by donating as little at $5.  Our hopes are that fans will inspired to share Ryan’s journey as well as donate for such a wonderful cause. With every donation, an email will be sent with Ryan personally thanking her fans for their contribution.

Introductory video: 

Ryan Newman’s Landing Page: www.heifer.org/ryan

Ryan Newman Social Media:

Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

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