Kurt Schneider Releases “Epic Patty Cake Song (I’ll Think Of You)” With Others — Watch Now!

Epic Patty Cake

Earlier yesterday, “Epic Patty Cake Song (I’ll Think Of You)” was released on Kurt Schneider’s YouTube page. Other artists that participated in the music video include Alyson Stoner, Sam Tsui, and Alex G. The music video was filmed in space LA with a little Canon Vixia Mini X :1.

The music video is essentially (as the title states), “epic patty cake song” where all four artists are playing patty cake while singing the lyrics. The whole music video was surprisingly only one take (though they had to restart and practice numerous times). The music video can be found below along with the behind the scenes below that!



  1. Beautiful voices that just memorized and fascinated me..They harmony was like I COULD IMAGINE THEM BEING ANGELS IN HEAVEN SINGING!D

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