Derek Hough Takes the Lead, Working With The Beast With Brooke Burns


Writing a book for the first time or winning DWTS the first time, which one was harder?
“Winning DWTS, it’s different because this [book] was like a slow burn and DWTS is like a roller coaster.”

Summing up his book into one dance move:
“That’s impossible!”

When host Amanda Salas suggested “kickball change”- because when you’re kicked, you’re like a ball and you keep rolling and it changes you for the better.
“That is the coolest thing I’ve ever heard in my life”

Brooke Burns on leading The Chase to an Emmy nomination:
“Being a game show host was never on my list!”
“When I was told it was a quiz show with a British genius, I thought this was a great way to get paid to learn.”

Working with “The Beast” Mark Labbett:
“He’s amazing, he’s 6’ 7”, 375 lbs. so a physical beast but also a mental beast… He can be a little naughty so I am the one pulling for the contestants and hoping that we can beat him into the ground,…gently of course!”
On being a Baywatch babe:

“I love going to the beach. Somebody paid me to go to the beach. And it was a great jumping off platform for everything!”


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