Taylor Swift Reveals Cryptic Clue Number 2 On Twitter!

Hmm, anyone up to solving a puzzle? Taylor Swift has been posting cryptic clues to something HUGE coming up very soon! Recently she posted her 1st clue which was a of a video herself hitting an elevator button for the 18th floor of a building. Today she posted her 2nd clue which is a photo of her kitten Olivia Benson, and most important featuring the time stamp 5:00.

We’re not sure what it means yet, but we can’t wait to find out! Leave your guesses in our comment box below! Could it be new music on August 18th at 5pm? Or perhaps 18 songs on a new album with track 5 being the single? Or maybe a photo shoot with her cat? (lol) We’re wracking our minds here! Please give us clue #3 soon, Taylor!!

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