5SOS Is NOT A Boy Band!

Call 5 Seconds of Summer a boy band in front of a gathering of their fans.  Go on, I dare you.

Although they are opening for the biggest thing in the name of boy bands since Backstreet Boys and N’SYNC, One Direction,  the band consisting of four dudes from Australia is anything but.

In an interview with Billboard magazine, the four boys challenge the label of being a boy band.

Ashton Irwin, the bands oldest member and the drummer, had a few things to say about them being labeled as a boy band: “Some people think, ‘Oh, they’re just another boy band. They’ll have a thing and then disappear.’ But we’re challenging that thought. We’re so proud of the music we make — we love it — and we’re fearless. If anyone puts us down, we don’t care. Isn’t that somewhat punk — not giving a damn what people say?”

But its hard to do this when they have millions of teenage girls screaming for them, even if these girls dress as ‘punk rock’ as they can manage.

John Feldman also was quick to defend the boys pop punk sound: “There was no formulaic Simon Cowell-finding-a-bunch-of-handsome-guys. It’s just 6-foot-3 dudes from Australia who loved the same kind of music and put a band together.”

So, in the words of the then green, now purple haired Michael Clifford, “Listen to me, please, we’re not a boy band!”

Check out some of the photo’s from the 5SOS Billboard photo shoot and look out for their cover and watch the behind the scenes video from the shoot!

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