Demi Lovato Live In Reno! – Huge Concert Photo Gallery Here!!

Demi Lovato rocked the house at the Reno Events Center in Reno, Nevada on July 19th. Demi performed her music to a packed house of fans and even let some join in on the action! Check out our awesome gallery of Demi in Reno which includes fan meet and greet photos, soundcheck pics, and of course live shots! Enjoy!!


  1. my hope of wish to meet Demi lovato because she is always be upart of my life. do you know that I had a allergic reaction of my tongue and my face and I ended up in Medical care center in Saratoga NY. but my only hope for my leukemia story since I was a baby but I went through all these years that I have you to look for to be meet with you

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