Michael McQuaid Releases “Sleepwalking” Music Video


Hailing from the music capitol of the world, Michael McQuaid is a force to be reckoned with. At 20 years old, this Nashville musician mixes pop with a bit of rock to bring his songwriting to the next level. McQuaid has announced his debut EP, Heart&Soul, will be released on August 26th. And today, Surviving The Golden Age has premiered the exclusive music video for the lead track “Sleepwalking.” Fans can check out the music video here.

From the sound of his first single “Sleepwalking” one would think he’s been releasing music for a decade. McQuaid explains the song to be quite naturally romantic, “‘Sleepwalking’ is more of story about missing the hell out of someone and wishing they were by your side to help you fall asleep. “Without you next to me it’s like I’m having bad dreams.”  We all crave someone to hold onto while we sleep… Even when we’re little kids we have our teddy bears to cuddle up to. As we get older, that teddy bear just turns into a real person.”

Heart&Soul was recorded and produced by Ethan Kauffman at The Elephant in the Room in Hollywood, CA and pays homage to the classic artists McQuaid grew up listening to. The EP includes a collection of songs that range from powerful pop ballads perfectly suited for Top 40 radio, to more soulful songs that would be just as at home in an old vinyl collection.

Check out Michael’s new “Sleepwalking” video below:


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