Tyler Ward Releases Official Lyric Video For His Song “Dashes”!!!

Tyler Ward

Approximately 9 months ago (in 4 days), Tyler Ward released his studio album “Honestly”. The album features several up and coming singers such as Lindsey Stirling. The album contains 12 songs, with the more popular ones (the ones he released as singles mostly) being uploaded on YouTube as music videos and lyric videos.

Tyler ward is currently on tour so he producing music has slowed down, though he has been releasing music videos and lyric videos even during the tour. Recently, we made a post about Tyler Ward releasing an official music video for his song (also from the album), “SOS” which can be found here. 2 days ago, Tyler Ward released an official lyric video for his song “Dashes” which is also on the album. The lyric video can be found below!

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