Have You Watched Tyler Ward’s Newest Music Video?

Tyler Ward

Independent singer, producer, and writer Tyler Ward has used the influence that social media has to attain attention and a following, well along with his talented vocals and lyrics.

The twenty-five-year old artist has done it all. He played football for the Air Force Academy, played shows with artists like the Jonas Brothers and The Fray, hit Billboard top 100 several times, and even starred in several incredibly popular shows.

Recently, he has released a single titled “SOS”. The song is very heart-felt and deeply connects to him along with a lot of people, which helps him connect to his fans better. On the YouTube about section for the video he wrote this down:

“I wrote this song knowing that most of us, including myself, have something/someone in our lives that we use as a quick escape. Something that we ENJOY that could potentially destroy us and who we were designed to be. Sometimes we do need a miracle and something greater than ourselves to pull us out of the mess. I know I do. “

Along with sharing this link. That quote in itself describes exactly what the song is about. A man struggling with an escape that is harming him, until he finally realizes what he needs to do: better himself, in which he does. Make sure you check out the Music Video below!

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