Jordan JAE Unveils “Said No One Ever” Remix & Ed Sheeran Cover! – WATCH NOW!


Unveils “Said No One Ever” Dance Remix

& Cover of Ed Sheeran’s “All of the Stars”


Listen to Jordan JAE’s “Said No One Ever” Remix:

Watch Jordan JAE Cover Ed Sheeran’s “All of the Stars” from The Fault In Our Stars Movie Soundtrack:

NYC’s new pop sensation, 14-year-old Jordan JAE, has been attracting attention with the recent release of her debut single “Said No One Ever”. The upbeat, empowering track was co-written and produced by Grammy nominated duo Kinetics & One Love (Eminem, B.o.B, Pitbull, Sean Kingston, Melanie Martinez). Jordan JAE partnered up with Queens-based alternative hip-hop band Oxymorrons and DJ/production team After Them for a special dance remix of the track, Jordan JAE explaining, “I thought it would be really cool to hear other peoples take on ‘Said No One Ever’. To hear it in a completely new light and redone in someone else’s vision is really interesting and amazing.”

DJ Mr. Hernandez of Oxymorrons and After Them adding, “It was so much fun creating this remix because of that piercing hook ‘said no one ever’. After Them being the future of production with genre blending style of the Oxymorrons, helped us create a battle of the beats between trap, b-more, dance, R&B, hip hop, and reggae. We feel we did a great job fusing all of these genres together.”

Listen to “Said No One Ever” remix exclusively on PopMatters:


 “New York-based singer/songwriter Jordan JAE will crush anything I or 

anyone really has put out there.” – Huffington Post, A-Sides


 Listen to “Said No One Ever” remix exclusively on PopMatters:


Watch Jordan JAE’s “Said No One Ever” Music Video: 

Jordan JAE Online:
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