See The Real Bridgit Mendler In Her Own ‘Clean & Clear’ Video!


Bridgit Mendler is featured in all new video from Clean & Clear where the star represents and promotes the brand’s products. Bridgit is known not only for her acting on Disney Channel’s Good Luck Charlie but also her music. While we would expect Bridgit to talk about her music and acting in all new video from Clean & Clear, Bridgit talks about her life as a student. The singer and star shared the video on Twitter and wrote:

“I love being a performer, but here’s another side of me.”

Clean & Clear included the following with the video:

“Bridgit Mendler is best known from her singing and acting career, but she wants to be seen as more than that. Bridgit would like the world to see her as just another college student. Even though she is afraid of her new classmates judging her for being a performer, she shares her story and they accept her for who she really is. The real Bridgit is just like any other student.”

Be sure to check out everything Bridgit had to say in her Clean & Clear video by watching it below and let us know what you think by commenting!

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