ABC Family: All-New Episode Of Baby Daddy For Comedy Wednesday


Don’t miss this WEDNESDAY’S all-new comedy hour on ABC Family for a night of flashbacks! Tune-in starting at 8/7c for a hilarious episode of Baby Daddy starting at 8:30/7:30c as the gang reflects on how much their lives have changed since baby Emma entered their lives. Ben can’t wait to see Emma take her first steps and tries everything to get her to toddle before he has to go to work. But when even the bribery of food doesn’t motivate his daughter to move, Ben reluctantly gives up and leaves. However, as luck would have it, Emma makes a beeline for Uncle Danny as soon as her father is out the door. As Bonnie, Tucker, Danny and Riley scheme to make sure Ben doesn’t miss this major milestone, everyone reminisces about how far they’ve come as parents since the tot entered their lives.

Chelsea Kane will be live tweeting the 5/28 episode using her handle @ChelseaKane. Ask her your questions using #BabyDaddyChat!

  • Official Hashtag #BabyDaddy
  • Official Twitter Handle @ABCFBabyDaddy
  • Facebook URL

Check out the promo for the new episode of Baby Daddy below:

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