Allie DeBerry Makes A Fan’s Prom Dream Come True–Awesome!!


Disney Channel star, Allie DeBerry, made a fan’s dream come true this week by accepting his invitation for her to go to prom with him at Fenton High School. Justin Hang created a Youtube video asking her out to his prom and she agreed provided that he get 1,500 Re-tweets on Twitter. He apparently made that goal and Allie kept her promise to him.

“I’m excited, nervous, I’m just glad she’s here,” said Justin

“I’m just excited to be here, everyone’s been really welcoming and really sweet, I think they think its pretty cool his friends,” she said. Also in an interview with ABC she said that it worked out good for her because she was unable to attend her own prom due to her work schedule. You can check out the interview video here:  Allie Goes To Prom

Check out some more pics that Allie posted last night from the prom below. She sure looked gorgeous in her prom dress. What do you guys think?


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