Laura Marano Is Living Below The Line In New UNICEF Challenge


Disney Channel star from Disney’s Austin & Ally, Laura Marano, not only knows how to make her fans laugh but she also knows how to help people and give back to communities with the big golden heart that she has. Laura is taking a stand to help charity by participating in a new campaign by UNICEF known as the Live Below The Line Challenge. The campaign raises awareness for people who are living in poverty all over the world.

In the challenge, Laura only has $1.50 per day to use as her income to live off of – just like the millions of people living in poverty do. In a video posted by UNICEF, Laura makes her pledge for the challenge. Along with the video, UNICEF wrote the following:

“Extreme poverty doesn’t just mean hunger; it means a lack of food, which leads to malnutrition and stunted growth. UNICEF wants to end extreme poverty by setting up a campaign to live below the line.” Millions of children across the world live off of less than two dollars per day, leading to numerous health problems. In this video, learn more about UNICEF’s Live Below the Line Campaign. Watch as Laura pledges to live off of only $1.50 per day for five whole days. Support Laura and UNICEF’s nutrition programs to provide food and water to those in need so that no one has to live on less than two dollars per day.”

Check out Laura’s message about the new challenge she is participating in by watching the video below and let us know what you think by commenting!

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