Miley Cyrus Is On The Cover Of ‘Seventeen’ Magazine’s May Issue Without Her Approval!


Earlier this month, we shared with you that Miley Cyrus was on the cover of Elle Magazine’s May Issue. Now, Miley Cyrus is also on the cover of Seventeen Magazine. Although both magazines are owned by Hearst Magazines, Miley only approved to be on the cover of Elle but not Seventeen. Miley refused to be on the cover of Seventeen to stay away from the image that she is still a kid and instead create the image that she is all grown up and is an adult woman.

Despite Miley’s disapproval to be on the cover, Seventeen did not take “no” for an answer and rather than getting a photo for the cover from a formal photo shoot, the magazine took a stock photo of Miley and used it for the May cover.

According to a spokesperson from Seventeen:

Seventeen readers love Miley Cyrus, and we cover her every chance we get. She ranked high on the March issue’s Girl Power List. Our readers asked for more, so we responded as quickly as possible. Miley’s currently on tour promoting ‘Bangerz,’ so what better time than now to celebrate her and give our readers what they want.”

Cosmopolitan’s March 2013 Issue featured Miley on the cover and the magazine sold over 1.1 million copies on the newsstand. It seems like Seventeen was hoping to gain the same boost from having Miley on the cover.

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