R5 Performs “Forget About You” On Live With Kelly And Michael! – Watch Here!


Fans were able to get quite a treat this morning when R5 – Ross, Rocky, Ratliff, Rydel and Riker – appeared on Live With Kelly And Michael to perform their single called “Forget About You.” R5 totally made some noise and rocked it out. It was also a way for the band to promote their music and of course their album titled Louder.

After their performance, the band tweeted:

“We had a blast @kellyandmichael thanks for having us! #icantforgetaboutyou #loudertour”

In case you missed their performance this morning, check it out by watching the video below and let us know what you think by commenting!



  1. Lynda Borsutzky says:

    I took my daughters to see R5 in concert in Ottawa Ontario Canada on April 3rd this year. Gotta say for a young band they gave an amazing show. One of my daughter’s wanted everyone to stop screaming…she wanted to listen to them. Her dream is to meet them and give her amazing hugs. Thank you R5!!!!!!!!!!!! Lynda from Ottawa Ontario Canada

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