Demi Lovato Gives Her Pink Hair A Break And Goes Back To Brunette!


Earlier this morning, Demi Lovato was hinting as possibly saying goodbye to her pink hair. She first tweeted some emoticons of a secret code that hinted at the change. She then tweeted:

“Am I cutting it shorter? Making it longer? Keeping it the same?”

After hours of anticipation to see whether or not this were true and which color she would dye her hair next, the star revealed that she is back to being brunette! Demi posted a pic of herself on Twitter with her new brunette look and wrote:

“Gonna give my hair a breeaaakkk, give my hair a break, gonna give my hair a break, my hair a break… Oh yeah, yeah.. “

Her tweet was based off of her song called “Give Your Heart A Break.” Quite clever. While we totally loved Demi’s pink hair, she sure looks fabulous with the brunette color. It is also her natural hair color.


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