Vanessa Hudgens Goes Incognito For Yoga, Grabs Food After Class — Check Out The Pics!

Vanessa Hudgens is serious about her yoga class — she’s always spotted heading to her workout! — and serious about her privacy, too. The 25 year-old starlet was photographed leaving her favorite yoga studio in Studio City, CA on Sunday (April 6), with her hood up, her sunglasses shielding her eyes, and her yoga mat held up to hide part of her face.

After class, she stopped nearby to grab a healthy green smoothie and a snack to fuel the rest of her day. She swapped out her wild knee-high fringe boots from Saturday for a comfy pair of fur-lined moccasins and, with a leather cap on her head, tried to keep her incognito act going! Sorry, V, we’d recognize you anywhere!

Check out the pics of V looking cozy after class in the gallery below now:

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