Oh No! Miley Cyrus’s Dog Floyd Passes Away, Leaves Her “Broken” + “Miserable”

It’s with heavy hearts that we pass along that Miley Cyrus has reported her adorable Alaskan Klee Kai, Floyd, has died. While some remain reluctant to believe the shocking and unexpected news because it’s still April Fool’s Day in some places in the world, it’s nearly impossible to imagine Miley joking about something like this. She’s done plenty of shocking things on stage and off, but it can’t be denied she genuinely loves her dogs and treats them like part of her family.

Miley has had Floyd since July 2011, and he would have turned three (in people years, at least) in May. While Miley has not shared the cause of Floyd’s death, she has taken to Twitter to mourn with her fans who love her:

Although she’s heartbroken and there’s no news on whether the larger-than-life Floyd set piece will be included in the show, she still plans to perform at the Boston stop of her Bangerz tour at the TD Garden on Wednesday night (April 2). She did, however, send a message to her fans with an apology in advance if she doesn’t seem her usual, raucous self:

Despite this tragedy (which no doubt brought up the pain of the death of her dog Lila in December 2012, as well), Miley was still able to find a ray of light in the darkness when she opened her fortune cookie at P.F. Chang’s tonight, writing “sometimes pf changs knows exactly what you need to hear” with the following picture attached:

It definitely will, Miley! Join us in honoring Floyd’s memory and supporting Miley with the hashtag #RIPFloyd (which is now trending worldwide) and checking out our gallery of some of our favorite pics from the past year of this very special member of Miley’s family. From bedtime snuggle sessions to the “We Can’t Stop” music video, we’ll never forget you, Floyd!

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