Lucy Hale Reveals Entire Track List For Her Debut Album: “Road Between”


ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars star, Lucy Hale, has been putting a lot of time and effort not only working on the set of Pretty Little Liars but also working on and promoting her debut album called “Road Between.” Recently, Lucy revealed the official album cover and she also revealed the full track list for the album where we even had the chance to hear some of her tracks. Here it is:

  1. “You Sound Good To Me”
  2. “From The Backseat”
  3. “Nervous Girls”
  4. “Red Dress”
  5. “Goodbye Gone”
  6. “Kiss Me”
  7. “Road Between”
  8. “Lie A Little Better”
  9. “That’s What I Call Crazy”
  10. “Love Tonight”
  11. “Just Another Song”

Lucy’s album will be released on June 3, 2014!

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