ABC Family: The Fosters Spring Finale Tonight At 9/8/c


ABC Family’s The Fosters its spring finale episode tonight at 9/8c after the Switched at Birth finale at 8/7c. The premise of the episode is: Stef and Mike are faced with the repercussions of a shocking revelation, and the fallout could destroy lives and relationships. Callie contemplates her upcoming adoption and Brandon’s frustration leads him to make another regrettable decision. Mariana supports a friend with a difficult decision, and Jesus resolves to make a change for the better as he manages his ADHD. Jude gets asked out on a date.

Join the cast and producers of The Fosters as they live tweet the 3/24 spring finale episode from their handles! Ask them your questions using #TheFostersChat!

  • Official Hashtag #TheFosters & #TheFostersChat
  • Official Twitter Handle @TheFostersABCF
  • Official Facebook URL
  • Official ABC Family YouTube

Check out official promo for the spring finale of The Fosters premiering at 9/8c.


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