Austin Mahone Premieres Official Music Video For “MMM Yeah” Feat. Pitbull — Watch Now!

The wait is over, Mahomies! After a super fun 70s-throwback lyric video featuring a whole lot of famous friends, Austin Mahone has finally released the official music video for his current hit “MMM Yeah” featuring Mr. Worldwide himself, Pitbull!

In a long, futuristic room complete with flashing lights built into the walls and a moving floor, Austin, Pitbull, and some good looking ladies flirt, show off their best moves, and yes, there’s even a bit of good old-fashioned snuggling on a couch that rolls on through the room from time to time.

The result is just as fun as the song itself, so don’t waste another second — check it out in the video below now and help get Austin’s view count up on YouTube!

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