Drew Chadwick: Gift For All Life — See Drew’s Message Inside

af6f3342a6da11e3a8080e78bfefbac0_8Drew Chadwick, like other artists, receives precious gifts of all different sorts from their beloved fans. Drew of the trio, Emblem3, shares one of his precious gifts, a certificate to preserve one square meter of rainforest. The band member is known as an Eco-Activist, so it’s no surprise this is one treasured present. So happy, he sent a message on Instagram out to everybody:

“From Nerf guns and candy to some of the most unique, personal gifts that you could even imagine, our fans spoil us.:) Since the tour started, I’ve had like 20 different dolphins adopted in my name from fans! But this gift here in my hand is different. It’s a certificate that represents 1 square meter of rainforest that will be preserved. Imagine if we consistently got a lot these. Over years we could save so much. It’s better then just a gift for me or the guys, it’s a gift for all life.”

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received in your life?

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