Upcoming Teen Star Dillon Dishes On His Disney Audition @OfficialDillon @DisneyChannelPR


In a recent interview, upcoming star Dillon Dillon talked about his first major audition:

“Umm, i think my first major audition was for Disney Channel and it was crazy kinda nerve racking for me. I think its cause I used to watch Disney all the time growing up as a kid, and I felt like I had to give it my all no matter what. I remember walking into the room excited but i was also shaking like crazy in my head. I think it was the one time i couldn’t keep my emotions together haha. And then it came down to this one line that i couldn’t get down. But in the end i just laughed it off. I think as long as your having a good time in the process, nothing could be better. But now getting to see some of my friends working on their own Disney shows and being able to shoot some episodes on Disney, i feel like its less nerve racking every-time i go into the room. Iv kinda settled into it now”

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