Olivia Holt’s ‘Afterglow’ Magazine Spread! – Check Out The First Two Pages Inside!


Earlier this month, we shared with you that Disney Channel star from Disney’s I Didn’t Do It, Olivia Holt, is on the cover of Afterglow Magazine’s February 2014!

Many of us may not have gotten the latest issue to see Olivia but Afterglow was kind enough to share a photo of Olivia’s first two pages in her spread! The magazine shared the photo on Instagram and wrote with it:

“First two pages of @olivia_holt spread! Be sure to read the whole spread at afterglowmagazine.com 💕 #afterglowmag #oliviaholt #ididntdoit”

Check out the photo above to see Olivia’s first two pages and let us know what you think by commenting!

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