Marvel: Guardians Of The Galaxy — Meet the Guardians!


As reported earlier this week, Marvel is releasing a new comic book  movie “Guardians of the Galaxy” this summer — August 1st, to be exact. The movie stars a whole cast of unique characters, and we thought it would be cool if you were able to meet them, before you see them on the big screen. Our friends from Disney and Marvel sent us a few videos, so you meet the characters first hand.

Check out all of the videos about the characters in the playlist below from Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy and watch the official trailer.

Meet Rocket – played by Bradley Cooper and the rest of the Guardians:

Meet Groot – played by Vin Diesel          Meet Gamora – played by Zoe Saldana

Meet Drax – played by Dave Bautista     Meet Peter Quill – played by Chris Pratt



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