David Coulier Proves That Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend

Dave Coulier and Shorty

Full House star  and standup comedian David Coulier is an animal lover like most of us, and while in town for his stand-up comedy tour, he took time to stop by to help promote the adoption event – Best Friends Animal Society Super Adoption. The event was being held in Salt Lake City, Utah in May 2013. It was love at first sight when David was asked to select a dog to bring on stage — Coulier immediately connected with Shorty, an eight year-old pit bull/Bassett Hound mix. Shorty found a home at the event and a relieved Coulier thought that was the end of the story.

Eight months later, Coulier received a text from Best Friends Animal Society informing him that Shorty had been returned and was once again available for adoption. Coulier knew then it was meant to be so he and his wife Melissa immediately contacted the Community Animal Welfare Society and the rest as they say is history. “Shorty is now a member of our family and the happiest pup in the world. He greets us in the morning and throughout the day with his tail wagging and a smile in his eyes. It’s so rewarding to know that this guy will have a happy home for the rest of his life. Thank you, Best Friends Animal Society and Community Animal Welfare Society. This has been an incredible journey,” Coulier said.

To find out a little bit more about the Best Friends Animal Society, check out their Facebook here.

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