Lea Michele Drops New Single “What Is Love” – Listen Now!

Lea Michele, "Cannonball" - Music Video

Lea was hard at work in the studio, and the proof is in the beats — releasing her fourth song from her debut album Louder. Her first song title track “Louder” was a smash hit, followed by “Battlefield” and her current single “Cannonball”. “What Is Love” will be available to purchase on iTunes tomorrow,Tuesday January 28th — make sure all your Gleeks download your copy. Lea also has some news for us tweeting yesterday, “LOTS OF EXCITING STUFF TO ANNOUNCE TOMORROW! STAY TUNED…” I wonder what it could be?

Check out Lea’s brand new single “What is Love” from her upcoming debut album Louder and let us know what you think. Lea’s album “Louder” is available for pre-order on iTunes here.



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