Miley Cyrus Went Crazy On Her Nails -Pic Inside- @mileycyrus

mileyYoung singing sensation Miley Cyrus has surprised people with the changes she’s made in her life. She’s developed a new attitude with the hair style and clothing changes. But what else can she change? Her nails, of course. She says in a tweet how she “got cray w my nailzzzzz”! The lovely Miley attached a pic of her fashionable new nails to the message, showing them off for everybody to see. Kind of cute with a bear’s head, a cross and a smiley face. But the other two nails…well, I guess we can say she’s got ‘explicit’ nails. Take a look!

BeUJ1lwCcAAevEzWhat do you think of her new nails? Let us know!

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