Kevin Jonas Shares His Thoughts About The Arrival Of His Baby – See What He Had To Say! @daniellejonas @kevinjonas

danielleDanielle Jonas and Kevin Jonas are so close to welcome their baby girl into the world. Danielle is 9 months pregnant and ready to pop any minute. With reality right before their eyes, things can get a little stressful and surreal. Fans and followers are super excited to meet Baby Jonas but Kevin turned to Twitter a couple of days ago and seemed to be a little nervous. He wrote:

“Crazy how close it’s starting to feel. I really don’t know what to do with myself. I’ve been building this house for us and doing everything I can to get us in before @daniellejonas pops I’m [really] hoping she can hold out just a little longer, but at the same time I want to meet our little girl so badly. Anyway this year is going to be great and today was a good sign of this! Have a great night”

Starting a family of your own is such a big step but we are sure Kevin will be just fine.

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