Ariana Grande’s New Year’s Eve Karaoke Madness In Tokyo: Onesies, Bieber, + More — Watch Now!

Karaoke bars in Tokyo can be disorienting enough on their own, but hitting one after a 14-hour flight to Japan on New Year’s Eve? Well, it’s a recipe for insanity! And that’s just what went down when Ariana Grande and her crew decided to ring in 2014 in a private karaoke room, complete with costumes and a ton of songs to choose from! Lucky for us, her brother Frankie recorded a lot of hilarious footage from the night and shared it on YouTube today — including Ariana singing “One Time” and “Baby” by Justin Bieber (and yes, even exhausted, she and best friend Alexa Luria can kill that Ludacris verse) and passing out in a pink hooded Hello Kitty onesie before they could even count down to midnight.

See all the craziness in the video below now and see if you can name all the songs they performed!

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