Lindsay Lohan Documentary For Oprah Has Been — “Bumpy”


Former Disney movie star Lindsay Lohan has had her share of trouble with the law over the years, but she’s been slowly but surely trying to get her life back on track. I think one major step in the right direction was the pseudo therapy session she had with Oprah in August of last year. In the interview with Oprah, she was very candid about some of the issues she is going through, but was still reluctant on other topics.

Lindsay is currently filming a docu-series for the OWN network, and when Oprah was asked about how the filming was going with her, she told E! News, “There have been bumps, that’s life. It’s been bumpy, but as far as I know we are still filming.” I can’t wait for this to air, Oprah always gives great interview and I’m fascinated by LiLo.

The  docu-series is set to air in March on the OWN Network.

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