How Does Ariana Grande Handle Online Drama?

Ariana Grande, "Honeymoon Avenue" Lullaby Friday Video

Ariana Grande revealed an unhealthy relationship she endured before dating Nathan Skyes. Although she didn’t discuss the details on why they split up, she did shed some light on her prior relationship:

“I was dating a boy who made me a different person. And my family was like, ‘You’ve lost your light, you are constantly distracted.’ If I waited too long to text him back, it was the end of the world. And it was just a very unhealthy relationship,” Grande explained.

Furthermore, she opened up on how she deals with online drama:

“I’m a lot shier than people think. I don’t go online when I’m dealing with s***. This is a very amazing time in my life, but also the most stressful. I’m adjusting and learning,” she said.

“For a very long time, it affected me. And I was like, ‘But they don’t know the story! Or, ‘But they don’t know me!’ And my friends were like, ‘That’s the thing, they don’t know you and they never will. You can’t let a 12-year-old in Minnesota ruin your day.’”

Do you think these events will distract her from her music?

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