Laura Marano In Meatless Monday Campaign For The Humane Society @lauramarano @humanesociety

lauramaranoThe Humane Society of the United States’ will be launching a new poster campaign in February called Meatless Monday. The Meatless Monday program is intended to encourage people to go meat-free one day a week to help animals and the environment. To do this, they brought in Laura Marano.

Laura Marano is the star of Disney Channel’s Austin & Ally. The young actress put aside her busy schedule and did a photo and video shoot to support the international Meatless Monday campaign. She says she wants her fans to know that Meatless Monday is an easy way to help animals, become healthier and go green.

The poster campaign, after it launches, will mail out thousands of posters to schools nationwide to encourage students to participate. Distributing them out in school will help spread the word.

Along with Laura Marano, many other celebrities including Katy Perry, Bella Thorne, Paul Wesley and Kristin Bell have helped in supporting the Human Society of the United States.

Tell us if you’ll participate going Meatless Monday!

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