Justin Bieber Egging His Neighbor’s House?

justin-bieber-egg-neighbors-houseIt’s not easy to stay out of trouble is it? It’s like a chain-reaction that seems endless. And Justin Bieber’s chain-reaction seems never ending itself.

In recent word, Justin Bieber has been accused of throwing eggs at the front door of his neighbor’s house! Because of it, the L.A. County Sheriff was called in to the scene where he was allegedly continuing to throw the eggs.

His neighbor says he heard banging against his house Thursday night, and when he went to investigate, there was Justin throwing eggs. According to the neighbor, Justin actually aimed directly for him once he stepped outside on the balcony and got into a verbal dispute back and forth.

The police took an incident report from the neighbor, the report calling what Justin did a misdemeanor. Though the neighbor says the damage exceeds more than $400 which could easily become a felony.

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