Victoria Justice Joins With Love Letters! @VictoriaJustice

victoriaMake a Valentine’s Day Card with Victoria Justice! is holding a campaign called Love Letters for the Valentine’s Day. The campaign is directed toward older adults who may not have the love and happiness like most people may have. Therefore, and Victoria are teaming up to hand decorate and personalize a Valentine’s Day card for all those wonderful people. posted a promo video featuring Victoria Justice. The captioned the video:

“Spread the love by sending a Valentines day card to an older adult in need! About 6.5 million older adults are suffering from depression this winter. Something that’ll make them smile? A handmade V-Day card from you!”

You heard them! Join forces with Victoria and to help put a smile on someone’s face this year. Also, check out the promo video featuring Victoria below and let us know what you think by commenting!

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