Hilary Duff + Her Son Luca Have The Cutest Park Playdate You’ll Ever See — Check Out All The Pics Here!

Hilary Duff + Luca Comrie

We didn’t think it could get cuter than Hilary Duff and her nearly two-year old son Luca Comrie grabbing some lunch and taking a stroll on Thursday (January 2nd), but then they had a playdate at Coldwater Park in Beverly Hills the following day (Jan. 3rd) and the levels of adorable shot straight off the charts! The pair laid down a blanket on the grass, had a snack, ran around, and enjoyed the beautiful California weather with big smiles on their faces.

Check out all the pics in the gallery below now and just try to tell us they aren’t the most precious thing you’ve seen all day. Seriously, we dare you:


  1. Awww Luca is the most adorable celeb bb I have seen! Hilary is such a great mom. She needs to pop out more cuties.

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