Ariana Grande Is A Legend In Japan

Ariana Grande, 'Teen Vogue' February 2014 - Shoot

Ariana Grande is a household name in the music industry — some have even compared her to legendary powerhouse Mariah Carey, because of her meteoric rise and powerful vocals. She hasn’t reached legend status just yet, but maybe the pop songstress will after her trip to Japan. Ariana is headed to the Far East tomorrow and she dropped a not so subtle hit that she might be shooting a music video there tweeting, “I would really like to shoot a music video while I’m in Japan next week…. hmmmm”. We don’t have any confirmation on whether or not she will, but I’m sure we’ll be getting the play by play — Ariana is a very avid tweeter.

Just moments ago she stated, “packing for Japan and reviewing the schedule, I can’t believe I leave tomorrow!! I’ve wanted to go for so long I can’t express my excitement”. It should be a fun trip, especially if her brother Frankie is there.

Be sure to go on Ariana’s Twitter and Instagram page to wish her a safe trip and good luck with her music video shoot.


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