Selena Gomez Continues To Spread The Love To Her Fans With Tons Of Instagram Comments — Check Them Out!

@selenagomez: Me and my new friend on tha plane jus respondin to messages. ❤ ☺ she's so rad. She offered my an orange. #werk

Have you ever wanted a personal message from Selena Gomez? Well, your chances have gotten significantly better recently as Selena herself has been on a major mission to connect with her fans one-on-one via social media! After reaching out to a troubled fan who admitted to self-harming and her bully on Thursday, she spent a lot of time on her Friday (December 27th) flight out of Michigan spreading love and positivity (and plenty of emojis!) to fans on Instagram. You can check out some of the super sweet messages in the gallery below — including Sel’s response to a female fan who suggested they date. What did she have to say about that proposition? “I’m dying. Love it. Well if I’m still single. Maybe. Why not.” Ha, lucky girl!

Have you gotten a reply from Selena yet? Will you try to reach out in hopes of getting one?

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