A.N.T Farm May Not Get Another Season

ant-farm-logoWe have had our suspicions about ANT Farm not being picked up for another season for quite some time now. The fact that Jake Short has moved on to Mighty Med on Disney XD and also the fact that Disney Channel is stretching the time between new episodes in this third season was good indicators that the show is being cancelled after this season. Disney Channel is also bringing on new series for next year as well.

Jake Short may have spilled the beans about the show being cancelled in a new interview snippet where he was specifically asked about the show returning. Check out what Jake had to say about the possible cancellation of ANT Farm in the video below.

We have tried contacting Disney Channel’s media relations department concerning this but so far they have not responded to our inquiries.

Are you guys sad to see the show maybe ending?


  1. Ant farm can’t end . One of my most favorite shows ever. 😦

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