Nick Jonas Set To Return To ‘Hawaii Five-0’ — Find Out When You’ll Be Seeing Him On TV Again!

Nick Jonas, 'Hawaii Five-0'

After Nick Jonas’s guest star appearance on episode 4×08 pulled in big ratings for CBS’ hit show Hawaii Five-0 (9.72 million viewers, a 7% increase from the previous week!) and his character, the diabolical computer hacker Ian Wright, escaped the clutches of McGarrett and Grover, it seemed like a no brainer to have him back on the show — and now we can officially confirm we’ll be seeing more of Nick (and we wouldn’t say no to another glimpse of those abs either) on TV! Ian Wright will be back to terrorize the 5-0 team for the season 4 finale, airing in 2014.

“He’s coming back in the finale,” Executive Producer Peter Lenkov told TV Fanatic earlier. “He was great and he is such a good kid. You imagine a kid who has that much success… he’s just a really, really good kid.”

We can’t wait to see what Ian will do next. We have no doubts that Nick will kill it once again! Miss his first appearance? You can watch the full episode on here!

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